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Articles on Orthodox Liturgical Art

On Earth as it is in Heaven: Form and Meaning in Orthodox Architecture

by Andrew Gould, 2006
An essay exploring the historical and symbolic meanings embodied in a traditional Orthodox temple.

An Icon of the Kingdom of God: The Integrated Expression of all the Liturgical Arts

by Andrew Gould, 2011
A comprehensive exploration of each liturgical art, based upon the premise that all the liturgical arts work together to manifest an integrated icon of the Kingdom of God. This essay considers which aspects of God's kingdom each art is especially suited to express and offers advice as to how modern Orthodox churches can emmulate the best historical examples of each art.

This essay will be released in serial form on Orthodox Arts Journal

Links to Individual Chapters:


Part 2: On Iconography

Part 3: The Role of Panel Icons, Frescoes, and the Iconostasis

Part 4: Architecture

Part 5: The Minor Arts

Part 6: Furniture

Part 7: Lamps

Part 8: Vestments

Part 9: Linens

Part 10: Ceremonial Implements (Banners, Fans, and Processional Crosses)

Part 11: Gardens, Churchyards, and Cemeteries

Part 12: Incense

On Music

On Bells