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About Our Chandeliers

We manufacture chandeliers for use in churches and in other settings that call for a medieval aesthetic. Our designs are inspired by the metalwork of ancient Byzantium and the western Early Middle Ages. They are available for use either with electricity or with candles.

We make most of our fixtures from 3/16 thick plasma-cut steel. We weld the parts together and give them a black-oxide finish and a coat of lacquer to prevent rust. Electric candles are supplied with high-quality hand-dripped epoxy sleeves and candelabra-sized sockets. For church use, we recommend 7.5 watt mini candelabra bulbs, which give a light closely resembling that of candles.

Because of the architectural nature of chandeliers, most of our fixtures are custom-designed for specific buildings. We offer a few standard designs with representative pricing, but if you wish to outfit a whole building with our fixtures, please contact us to discuss custom sizes and designs.

Testing and certification of compliance with UL Standards by an accredited laboratory is available for our electric fixtures. This is an optional service which carries substantial additional costs. All of the electrical components of our fixtures are always individually UL Listed.