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Our specialty is designing and crafting the most beautiful of all chandeliers the Byzantine choros. These fixtures were the crowning jewel of late-medieval Byzantine churches, where they hung from eight or twelve chains from the perimeter of the dome. This left the dome itself and its iconography unencumbered by chains, allowing a clear view up through the choros. This is a spatial effect of extraordinary beauty and majesty. There is no more cost-effective way to dramatically enhance the beauty of a church than to install a traditional choros.

Our choros designs are closely modeled upon surviving examples from Serbia and Mount Athos. The cutwork designs can be customized to include meaningful symbols or text. They are available electrified or for candles, and they can include glass oil lamps or ostrich eggs hanging below. Because a choros must match the diameter of the dome from which it hangs, every one must be custom designed for the building.

Typical cost for a choros ranges from $8,000 to $22,000.

For more photos of the Holy Ascension choros, visit Andrew's Flickr page.

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