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Gospel Cover

The gospel cover was historically the very finest work of crafstmanship in a church. We can custom design and make a gospel cover that will truly honor this tradition.

The gospel cover shown here bears a truly exquisite carved stone icon by Jonathan Pageau on the front and back covers. The icons are set into wooden covers inlaid with precious materials including ebony and salvaged antique ivory. The spine of the cover is also inlaid wood. The craftsmanship and beauty of this piece is truly breathtaking. The inlaid woods complement the carved icon with great richness and provide a bold pattern that reads well in both bright and dim light.

Our design was inspired by medieval gospel covers which often incorporated an ancient Byzantine ivory icon inset into a frame of gold and gems. For our version, we decided to make the frame in the style of 17th-century Athonite woodwork, sparing no expense in the use of the most beautiful inlaid materials.

This cover incorporates a bound volume that is clasped into place with brass hardware. We can also work with a bookbinder to rebind a volume traditionally - with the pages sewn directly into wooden covers. Such covers can be carved with icons or mounted with repousee metal ornaments.