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Wood & Silver Chalice

Centuries ago, when precious metals were unaffordable to most parishes, wood chalices were very widely used in the Orthodox Church. Far from being a provincial craft, wood chalices became highly refined in Old Russia, sometimes painted by master iconographers. Our chalice design is inspired by those examples, and it includes a sterling silver lining in accordance with modern expectations.

The chalice is dramatically scaled at 14 tall. The wood turning is impressive in its own right, precisely lathed from beautiful tiger maple. The grade of wood we use is that suited to fine musical instruments. The sterling silver cup is 4 diameter and hand made by a master American silversmith. Iconography can be added either by means of inlaid stone icons carved by Jonathan Pageau or with painted icons. The dimensions and details of this chalice design are fully customizable.

Price for basic chalice: $1300; With painted icons: $2500: With five carved icons: $2500

We also offer a complete chalice set combining wood and silver with several design options. The diskos is 7 diameter and can optionally have a silver disk inlaid into the surface for durability. The silver asterisk is 5 wide with a cabochon gemstone at the center. The spear and spoon are extremely fine wood turnings with specially-crafted silver mounts.

Contact us for a price quote on a custom chalice or complete chalice set.

Iconography can be added by means of painting, inlaid carvings, or silver repousee. The painted examples shown here are by the hand of iconographer Heather MacKean.