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Embroidered Icons by Olga Fishchuk

Olga Fishchuk is a graduate of the prestigious pictorial embroidery department of the Icon Painting School under the Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy, which is located at the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery. She is a master of iconographic embroidery, and her work recalls the very finest examples of fifteenth-to-sixteenth-century Russian embroidery. She uses hand-died silk floss and metallic-wound thread on silk fabric. Her embroidery conforms to the minute detail and rich gentle palette of the old examples. But it is never copies, as Olga designs all her pieces as new and original expressions of the tradition. Every one of her pieces is a veritable treasure.

Olga lives in Ukraine, but teaches pictorial embroidery workshops in the US through the non-profit organization Hexaemeron.

Contact her: fishchuk.olga[at]

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