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Our Artisans Andrew Gould
Founder of New World Byzantine Studios, Andrew Gould is well known as a designer
of traditional Orthodox churches. He has degrees in art history and architecture
and is skilled in many arts. In addition to producing designs for our liturgical art,
Andrew personally crafts the fine woodwork in many of our products.
Jonathan Pageau
Master-carver Jonathan Pageau has a background in fine art, but devotes his skills to the
carving of magnificent Orthodox icons. Elegant, detailed, and fully alive, his carvings
exhibit the vigor and free spirit of the best medieval art. We are proud to offer his
carvings incorporated into several of our products.
Dimitri Kulp
A graduate of St. Innocentís Academy in Alaska, Dimitri Kulp is a talented woodworker
and liturgical artist. His workshop in Wisconsin specializes in producing fine gessoed
icon boards.
Mary May
Woodcarver Mary May learned her art in Greece from master iconostasis carvers. Her
business in Charleston, SC specializes in restoration and reproduction of antique
furniture. We work closely with Mary for the production of carved furniture and icon
Christabel Anderson
A graduate and doctoral researcher of the Princeís School for the Traditional Arts in
London, UK, Christabel Anderson is an iconographer and manuscript illuminator of
remarkable skill. Her work focuses on icons of the early British and Irish saints and
of the Mother of God and Christ child rendered in materials of the very highest quality.
Michael Raymond Lucas
Michael Lucas holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and is a professor of visual art.
His relief stone carvings reflect a fascination with Byzantine iconography and theology.
He creates sculptures based upon historical prototypes using traditional tools and methods.
Mat. Ann Margitich
Mat. Ann was among the last students of master iconographer Leonid Ouspenski. Of all
his disciples, her work is perhaps the most faithful to his legacy. We consider her among
the best iconographers practicing today.
Heather MacKean
Heather MacKean is a prominent iconographer who has been working throughout the US
and Canada for over 35 years. She uses a bright crisp palette and paints both egg-tempera
panel icons and mural cycles in fresco.
Anna DuMoulin
Anna DuMoulin is a promising young iconographer. She studied under her father,
Fr. Andrew Tregubov, and has a degree in fine arts. In addition to painting egg-tempera
icons, she makes beautiful baptismal robes.
Anna Pokrovskaya Gouriev
Anna Gouriev-Pokrovsky is a gifted iconographer who carries on the legacy of her mother, world-renowned Ksenia Pokrovski. Anna works in egg-tempera with extensive use of hand-ground natural mineral pigments from Russia.
Olga Fishchuk
A graduate of the prestigious pictorial embroidery department of the Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy, Olga Fishchuk is a master of iconographic embroidery. Her work conforms to the very highest standards of the ancient Russian art.